Cool Rainbow Breeders

We’ve got the Blues. And Browns. And Greens.

We breed exhibition quality Ameraucana, Welsumer, and Olive Egger chickens on our 5 acre farm an hour north of Houston.


Our Color Palette

Welsumers are a Dutch Chicken that lay deep terra-cotta brown eggs that are frequently speckled.

Ameraucanas are one of only two types of chicken that lay a deep, true blue egg.Plus they have BEARDs!

Olive Egger Hens are a cross between Welsumer and Ameraucana parents. Their name says it all!

Better Food for Better Birds

Corn Free

Sorghum uses less water

Soy Free

Peas = Protein


Promotes Gut Health


On Five Acres

Our Specialties

If you want a more colorful egg basket, we have birds for any phase of your passion!

  • Hatching Eggs
  • New Hatch Chicks
  • Pullets
  • Laying Hens
  • Cockerels/Roosters

How We Do Things